Chicagoland Independent Auction is an approved OVE Facilitating Location
Chicagoland Independent Auction is committed to helping dealers remarket inventory in the best way possible to maximize net return and fast liquidity.  We are auction fans, no doubt, but we realize that online selling channels are here to stay, and that they have a valuable place in the dealer's inventory tool box.  Chicagoland Independent Auction has partnered with OVE to bring dealers unmatched convenience, marketing, and service in selling units in an online wholesale marketplace.
If you aren't familar with OVE, ask your sales rep about how it might fit into your wholesale strategy.  If you are using OVE, you should be using Chicagoland to facilitate your OVE transactions.  Here's why.
Chicagoland is one of the top selling independent auctions using OVE right now, especially when it comes to dealer consigned units.  This is due to our dedicated sales staff that assists dealers from the initial listing, pricing strategy, to post sale follow up and services.
When you sell your vehicle on OVE through Chicagoland Independent Auction, you will be contacted promptly by your Chicagoland Sales Representative, once it is verified that the vehicle is available, Chicagoland will dispatch transportation to pick the vehicle up, and start coordinating with the buyer to communicate post sale inspection results and any other concerns the buyer might have.
After your vehicles pass post sale inspection, they are stored in our dedicated OVE lot location, and your check is ready, pending title, of course.
Throughout the entire process, you will be in contact with staff dedicated to OVE, and your questions will be answered promptly and professionally.
If you want to know more about what sets Chicagoland Independent Auction apart, ask your sales representative today!