Online Buying Policies


  • If you are putting a Proxy Bid in online and light says pending, that vehicle is a red light vehicle, your proxy bid will not be taken out.
  • All online purchases will have a $45 convenience fee added to the buyer’s fee.
  • If you purchase a vehicle online and the vehicle has a guarantee on it, it is the buyers responsible to order a post-sale inspection. This can be done by calling the auction or emailing
  • Post-sale inspections have to be ordered by 4pm CDT on the day of sale.
  • All Inoperable vehicles are strictly as/is, absolutely no guarantee of any kind (i.e., converters missing, miles inoperable, flood damage, structural damage)
  • See Arbitration Policy for more information…
  • To recieve 7-day Frame Guarantee, Your vehicle must have a frame check ordered and completed before the vehicle leaves the auction on day of sale.

    Arbitrations are not day of sale only, not all PSI's can be completed in one day, inspection check issues that are outside of a typical PSI check will fall back to the seller.